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Maize(2021Summer)experimental notes-0621


Maize Field Layout and Sensors Setting Map Data loggers and Thermal camera Soil Sensors

Maize(2021Summer)experimental notes-0601


Layout Field Size: 24m × 50m Plot Size:12.5m × 8m Base Fertilizer and Topdressing(底肥和追肥/雄穗抽出前) N1: 0 - 0kg N/10a N2: 7.5 - 0kg N/10a N3: 0 - 7.5kg N/10a N4:...

Paper Reading Session(1)----"Estimation of Paddy Rice Plant Height using UAV Remote Sensing"

Ratthaphong Muangprakhonand Siwa Kaewplang / Faculty of Engineering, Mahasarakham University / 2021-03-31

Paper’s imformation Abstract The study aims to estimation paddy rice plant height (PH) using UAV remote sensing for evaluation of the growth status of rice in fields. The study area is in Kanthara...


章 浩棟1),溝口 勝1),杉野 弘明2) ,郭 威2)

要旨  近年,ICTの急速な発展に伴い,農業生産現場における情報収集手法が多様化している.例えばUAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle:無人航空機)は現在農業IoT技術の一つに位置付けられており,画像処理・認識技術の発展に伴い,UAV画像や動画の利活用ついて期待が寄せられている.そこで本研究では,UAV画像を活用した広域な農業現場における効率的な草丈の測定手法を提案する.イン...

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Hello Welcome to haodong’s Blog. I will share some daily life, technology notes, academic articles or just some travel photos. I really expect that one day this blog will become popular. If my pos...