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嗨,我是章浩栋,一位解决方案工程师,现就职于浙江嘉兴数字城市实验室有限公司数字乡村事业部。我毕业于东京大学国际农业信息学研究室。我的老板是溝口 勝教授。我的研究方向包括但不限于智慧农业(水分胁迫,玉米,无人机,植物表型等),计算机科学(编程语言,图像处理,机器学习,算法等)。


Hi, I am @haodong (Zhang haodong), a solutions engineer. I am currently working in the Digital Rural Department of Zhejiang Jiaxing Digital City Laboratory Co., Ltd. I graduated from the International Agricultural Informatics Laboratory at the University of Tokyo. My supervisor is Prof. Masaru Mizoguchi. My current research interests are included but not limited to intelligent agriculture(water stress, maize, UAV, plant phenotyping, etc), computer science(programming languages, image processing, machine learning, algorithm, etc).


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